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The unique mix of climate and old-world tailoring traditions created a menswear style that was defined by COMFORT, correct FIT and BRAZILIAN FLAIR. The design is fluid and allows freedom of movement in accordance with the natural shape of the human body 




By the 1970s many Brazilian crafts started to vanish as the country slid into turmoil under the military dictatorship. But since 2011, we have been furiously working to revive Brazil's neglected HERITAGE

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Gossypium barbadense, or luxurious Extra-Long Staple cotton, originates from the Peruvian highlands of South America - not Egypt nor the Sea Islands. So, just like in the golden years of Brazilian tailoring, we work with extra-soft PERUVIAN PIMA COTTON


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Want to try before you buy? We know, more than most, that shirt fits are particular & even collar sizes seem to vary between brands. So choose 2 shirt sizes and we’ll ship them to you for FREE. You’ve got 1 week to try them out & pick your favourite. Return shipping is also on the house. So that's FREE SHIPPING & FREE RETURNS