Relaxed elegance.

Since 2011, Reunidas have been working to revive Brazil's neglected menswear heritage starting with Brazilian shirts. Defined by improved fit and comfort with Brazilian flair, the shirt making innovations included the curved Brazilian yoke for shoulder comfort, the lowered top button & natural unfused Brazilian collars & cuffs, while using extra-fine Peruvian cotton.


Rediscovering Brazilian tailoring.

São Paulo

Latin America’s most populous nation, made up of continental vastness and a variety of cultures, once possessed a rich and diverse heritage dispersed across traditions such as craft and tailoring. A large Italian community, who’s shirt makers and craftsmen poured into São Paulo from the 1880s onwards, and a Japanese diaspora including artisans, are less well known. As are British traditions, that spread through commercial ties during the 19th Century.

During the 20th Century, modern Brazilian design grew not from blindly following European ideas but in assimilating them into something that became uniquely Brazilian. These rich craft cultures, from the Japanese attention to detail to the Neapolitan panache for unstructured silhouettes, made for an exceptional tailoring tradition and a differentiated menswear style in the Brazilian climate.

By the 1970s many of these Brazilian crafts - that benefited from an abundance of local South American raw materials including cotton, leather and rubber - started to decline as the country slid into turmoil under the military dictatorship.


1798 Revolta dos Alfaiates (the Tailors' Revolt) 

1808 British tailors first enter Brazil 

1880s Italian shirtmakers & craftsman flood into São Paulo 

1908 Japanese artisans pour into Santos 

1910s Brazilian tailoring is born out of a fusion of old world techniques 

1950s Brazilian tailoring enters its golden era 

1970s Brazilian tailoring declines under the military dictatorship

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Reviving brand Brazil.

I saw something nobody else wanted to see in Brazil. There is so much to re-develop here
— Edward Neale, Founder
Edward Neale

After an extensive several year long investigation into Brazilian history and craftsmanship, Edward Neale founded Reunidas to build awareness of the overlooked, deeply cosmopolitan parts of Brazilian history & culture and champion an emerging nation’s crafts. Originally raised across Asia and Africa, Edward is an authority on Brazilian history and culture, with a lifelong obsession for craft and design instilled in him from growing up in craft nations such as Italy, India and the UK. While living between the rural gaúcho heartlands of Porto Alegre in the deep south of Brazil and the cosmopolitan urban dynamism of São Paulo, he began his mission to research and develop neglected heritage products and retell the vanishing old stories of Brazil.

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