Reunidas featured as Moo's 'Maker of the Month'

Ed Neale’s menswear business, Reunidas, uses heritage tailoring techniques with the fusion style of 1950s Sao Paulo. How do you build a brand from Brazil? He tells us all about it. Read the full interview with Moo

In the story of Brazilian tailoring, the 1950s was the golden age – they’d refined their craft and it had become unique. It was a kind of glamorous time – São Paulo and Rio were glamorous places.

Brazil’s a large country with huge Italian and Japanese migrant communities, who contributed to this craft. This led to a fusion in design which is very on-trend – an aesthetic that’s extremely coveted right now. The younger generation who are more aware are using this old branding in bars, coffee shops and restaurants in downtown Sao Paulo.

There’s a word in Portuguese that means ‘cannibalisation’ – in design they say that the Brazilian style cannibalised the old world and out came this beautiful style of design, tailoring and furniture...

...It’s old world colliding with new world.
— Edward Neale
Edward Neale Reunidas


Read the full interview with Moo