Remembering the architecture of Revista Acrópole

Between 1938 and 1971, Revista Acrópole was one of the most influential Brazilian design magazines. With a focus on architecture, it initially covered the design trends of São Paulo but soon covered the whole of Brazil and, eventually, international projects as well. In its 34 years of publication, the magazine moved from a niche industry journal to a commercial success. It was at the vanguard of trends, ideas and design, covering everything from urban projects and industrial design to interiors and visual communication. 

By the time the magazine stopped circulation in 1971, it had published 391 eye catching covers and over 23 thousand pages. After a two year long project to digitise the Revista Acrópole archive by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU) at the University of São Paulo, a website was finally launched in 2014 to allow the public to enjoy the captivating aesthetics from the golden years of Brazilian design.

Below is a curation of stunning covers based on the same palette of yellows, golds and blacks at the core of the branding of the Brazilian heritage project Reunidas, working to revive the old craft of Brazilian tailoring.