'What luxury means today' - Reunidas opens new UBS x Monocle venture

Reunidas have redefined the meaning of luxury in that most luxurious of industries - fashion - and harks back to Brazil’s sartorial golden age.”

Brazilian heritage expert and Reunidas founder Edward Neale discusses the future of luxury for the launch of the new UBS venture - UNLIMITED. UBS's latest project is bringing together a unique, global network of people from across geographies, sectors and backgrounds in search of the answers to life’s big questions.

Popular perceptions of the word “luxury” are evolving and the aspects of a product or an experience that we deem valuable are undergoing a seismic shift. In the first of a series of new podcasts, created by the team at Monocle 24 for Unlimited, UBS scoured the globe and sat down with five innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs who are redefining what makes a luxury a luxury. From Brazilian tailoring to British tea, these business owners have re-imagined what makes a product unique, what goes into a special experience and what luxury means today...

Listen to the first podcast show What luxury means today below or available over at UNLIMITED :

What luxury means today

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