"One company is on a mission to build awareness but also to renew Brazil’s old school cosmopolitan heritage brands...it all begins with tailoring" 

Monocle 24


"The blue poplin shirt and white poplin shirt are smart, neat and crisp"

BBC News

"Reunidas showcases how the environment of the new-world can collide with old-world traditions"

Faux Pas

"Reunidas have redefined the meaning of luxury in that most luxurious of industries - fashion"

UBS Unlimited


"Enough with the Nordic style, the new trend is Brazilian design"



Elle Decor

"'Maker of the Month' menswear business Reunidas uses heritage tailoring techniques with the fusion style of 1950s Sao Paulo"


"Be a discrete Brazileiro with Brazil's exceptional tailoring" 

Latino Life

"There's a story behind every great product"


“I saw something nobody else could see in Brazil. There is so much to re-develop here”


" You don't have this kind of opportunity in Europe"

Jornal da Band

The Rakish Gent logo.jpeg

"Reviving what was once so sought after"

The Rakish Gent

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